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lift works to identify and anticipate current and emerging usages of digital technologies through research, events, publications and services

  • Lift is a community of pioneers who get together in Europe and Asia to explore the social implications of new technologies. The community meets, brainstorms, and interacts both online and offline in order to understand how technology usage can lead to innovation. Each event or point of contact is a chance to turn innovation into opportunity by anticipating the major shifts ahead, and meeting the people who drive them. Lift is organized into three separate poles that work closely together:… (full text about the Lift Group).
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About the Lift Conference: The Lift conferences are a series of events built around a community of pioneers who get together in Europe and Asia to explore the social implications of new technologies.

Each event is a chance to turn innovation into opportunities by anticipating the major shifts ahead, and meet the people who drive them.

Lift started in 2006 with 350 participants and is now an international series of events: … //


Each one of our events is built around three key ingredients:

  • talks and workshops given by some of the moment’s brightest and most inspiring people. The program is divided into two parts: the official program (15 hours of talks, managed by the Lift team) and the open program (50+ hours of workshops/talks/discussions, managed by the community via an online proposition and voting system).
  • artistic activities created to facilitate networking and to inspire, allowing attendees to network, play, create, and keep their minds fresh. This part of the conference is called the Lift Experience.
  • social events where lifters get together around our legendary fondue or a traditional Korean meal.

Lift attendees come from the several different sectors: private (entrepreneurs, managers, investors, researchers), academic (students, professors, researchers), media and art (designers, artists, journalists) and international (NGOs, UN agencies).


  • Turn change into an opportunity: Change can be a threat if you do not anticipate it in time. By coming to Lift you will get a preview of the big changes that will impact you, your job, your organization, and your life… enabling you to prepare for what lies ahead.
  • Inspire: Like some of the world’s most creative organizations, we believe that one of the best ways to generate new ideas is via cross-polinization, a horrible word for a fundamental truth: you will get more inspiration from an event featuring speakers from diverse backgrounds that at a professional convention where everybody basically agrees on everything. Come and listen to ethnologists, entrepreneurs, artists, designers, or even the Vatican webmaster. They all have ideas that you will be able to reuse in your daily lives!
  • Connect: What use is an idea without the people behind it? Usually not much. At Lift we focus on bringing together all types of participants, whatever their background and role in the event may be. We treat everybody the same, and this creates amazing networking opportunities, and lets you meet the people behind the great ideas.


Since the creation of the conference we subscribe to a certain set of values. The most important ones are:

  • Independence: Lift is an independent organization. Our editorial team is completely separate from our partnerships team. If a speaker is on stage it is because we think he/she is relevant, not because we received a payment or sponsoring. You cannot pay to speak at Lift, and pitches are not allowed with two notable exceptions: non-profit organizations are allowed to promote their projects (Amnesty International at Lift06, Wikipedia at Lift07, and WattWatt at Lift08 and Lift Asia 08), and during the open program pitches are allowed if voted in by the community. We also do not get commission from the hotels/restaurants/airlines that we recommend – so you can be sure we are recommending the best, and not those who give us more money.
  • Diversity: Lift is committed to bringing you diverse points of views, and we try to invite speakers from all continents as well as a large number of women speakers.
  • Openness: Lift is flat, open and collaborative. We treat everybody the same and ask our guests to act likewise.

Locations: … (full long text about the Lift Conference).

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