Voters for Peace US

The power to end war and prevent future wars of aggression

Linked with 2008 a year of opportunity for peace advocates.

VotersForPeace is educating, organizing and activating voters to end the occupation of Iraq and prevent future wars of aggression. Our mission is to mobilize anti-war voters into a visible and effective political force that cannot be ignored. We provide voters with the information and tools they need to be effective peace advocates; this includes educating their friends and family on the occupation, writing letters to the media, and holding congressional and presidential candidates accountable … (full text, about 1/2).

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address: VotersForPeace, 2842 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, MD 21218;
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contact: Tel. 443-708-8360

About 2/2: … The first thing that voters can do to take action is sign the Voters’ Pledge. This sends an important message to their elected officials and it empowers other voters to take a stand and demand withdrawal from Iraq.

Second, we urge voters to visit our Activist Toolbox where they can download our pledge form, sign up to host a Cancelled Check Party, write their legislators, or help persuade the press so that the true facts about Iraq and the views of anti-war Americans are represented in the media.

VotersForPeace was launched on March 17, 2006, with the VotersForPeace Pledge, a shared project of national, state and local participating groups. Click here to read the launch press release, speaker bios and statements.

VotersForPeace is sponsored by Campaign for Fresh Air & Clean Politics, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, public charity for education and research. It engages in very limited lobbying and no political activity.

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