Center for Social Services Research CSSR

a project of the U.C. Berkeley School of Social Welfafe.

The Center for Social Services Research, established in 1994, conducts research, policy analysis and program planning, and evaluation directed toward improving the public social services. Housed in the School of Social Welfare at the University of California at Berkeley, the Center responds to the concerns of community. Collaborating with public social service officials, elected policy-makers, community professionals, and consumers of service, it engages in research activities that are directly and immediately practice- and policy-relevant … (about CSSR 1/2).

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About CSSR 2/2: … At the present time, CSSR consists of the following six separate research and training units:  

  • the Center for Comparative Family Welfare and Poverty Research,
  • the Child Welfare Research Center,
  • the Center for the Advanced Study of Aging Services,
  • the Health Research Group, the Bay Area Social Services Consortium,
  • the Center for Mental Health Services Research.
  • In addition, CSSR houses the California Performance Indicators Project / CWS/CMS Reports).

CSSR also supports other faculty sponsored research projects.


Our research units represent the diversity of our faculty’s research interests. In addition to these units, individual faculty occasionally use CSSR resources for individual projects.

Each research group is given direction and assistance from a Research Advisory Committee which includes policy makers and providers of service at the state, county and local levels. The advisory committees help develop research agendas from the field and specify the research questions so that that are optimally useful to policy makers and practitioners. Members assist research group faculty and staff in gaining access to data where necessary, and they are instrumental in reviewing the results of research projects to help ensure that analyses and interpretations are relevant and appropriate to the communities they serve.

For more information on our research activities, contact the Faculty Leader, Prinicipal Investigator, or Project Coordinators as listed under Center’s Staff/Members, or contact individual School faculty:

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