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  • This blog orginally aimed to provide updates on sociological research  relevant to A level (16-19) sociology students. However, it’s morphing into a forum for expressing my leftist views on a range of contemporary events.
  • Even if this is the case, many entries still covers issues, concepts and theories relevant to A level sociology. Also, even with the political content, a lot of posts are still  ‘pure updates’ on contemporary research … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: … this blog was only started in July 2010 – so if you are here for A level material then the Global Development and Education sources are a bit thin as we haven’t taught these yet this academic year – they will be populated with lots of juicy material from January 2011. 

The topic focus of the blog stems from the subjects I teach which are:

  • The sociology of the family
  • The sociology of education
  • crime and deviance,
  • global development and
  • Sociological theory and
  • research methods.

My particular interests from the above include the following:

  • The consequences of neo-liberalism – including anti-capitalist critiques of this particular ideolgical strain of late Capitalism
  • Strenghts/ Limitations of evidence and arguements for the continued relevance of a class based analysis of society – obviously related to the above
  • Strengths/ Limitations of Evidence and arguements for the continued relevance of Feminism in contemporary society

A considerable amount of material will come from journalistic and activist sources  – I personally believe that sociological research goes way beyond academics in unversities – but you should always, always, check the validity of the source material I link to -Comments welcome. Peace, Karl.

Link: Global Sociology Blog.

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