Worker’s Educational Association WEA

The UK’s largest voluntary sector provider of adult learning.

Vision: Our vision is to be the recognised voice of adult learners, and the leading provider of adult and community learning in the UK by any standard.

Mission: The WEA is a 21st Century, democratic, voluntary adult education movement, committed to widening participation and to enabling people to realise their full potential through learning. (full text, about 1/2).

Address: The General Secretary, Workers’ Educational Association WEA, 3rd Floor, 70 Clifton Street, London EC2A 4HB;

About 2/2:
Aims: To involve learners, volunteers, members and other partners in:

  • Influencing and campaigning on behalf of adult learners;
  • Removing barriers to learning;
  • Being responsive in the heart of communities;
  • Making the most effective use of all our resources;
  • Promoting learning for life;
  • Changing and enriching lives through learning – at individual and community levels;
  • Promoting adult education worldwide.


  • Creating equality and opportunity, and challenging discrimination;
  • Believing in people, communities and their potential to change through Education;
  • Putting the learner at the centre of everything we do;
  • Challenging and questioning ourselves.

The Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) is the UK’s largest voluntary provider of adult education. Ever since it was founded in 1903, in order to support the educational needs of working men and women, the WEA has maintained its commitment to provide access to education and learning for adults from all backgrounds, and in particular those who have previously missed out on education.

The WEA is one of the UK’s biggest charities, and operates at local, regional and national levels. Nine Regions in England, a Scottish Association and over 650 local Branches make up the WEA’s National Association.

Through these local and regional centres, today’s WEA now runs over 10,000 courses each year, providing learning for more than 110,000 adults of all ages and drawn from all walks of life.

Courses are created and delivered in response to local need, often in partnership with local community groups and organisations.

The WEA believes that education is lifelong and should continue beyond school, college and university in order to help people develop their potential in a democratic society … (full text).

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