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The Rutherford Institute is one of the nation’s premier civil liberties organizations.”— (Nat Hentoff, nationally syndicated columnist)

  • When founding The Rutherford Institute, my goal was to create an organization that would defend people who were persecuted or oppressed without charging them for such services. The Rutherford Institute exists to ensure that people are treated fairly in the courts and are free to express themselves without fear” (John W. Whitehead, President and Founder of The Rutherford Institute) … (about 1/2).
  • Watch (again) this video: WikiLeaks editor on Apache combat video: No excuse for US killing civilians, 7.22 min, Uploaded by RussiaToday on Apr 6, 2010.
  • watch also: on Target, 4.37 min;
  • and: Julian Assange: Private Bradley Manning A ‘Political Prisoner’ – Interview w/ Cenk Uygur, 0.44 min.

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About 2/2: … Founded in 1982 by constitutional attorney and author John W. Whitehead, The Rutherford Institute is a civil liberties organization that provides free legal services to people whose constitutional and human rights have been threatened or violated.

The Rutherford Institute has emerged as one of the nation’s leading advocates of civil liberties and human rights, litigating in the courts and educating the public on a wide spectrum of issues affecting individual freedom in the United States and around the world.

The Institute’s mission is twofold: to provide legal services in the defense of religious and civil liberties and to educate the public on important issues affecting their constitutional freedoms.

Whether our attorneys are protecting the rights of parents whose children are strip-searched at school, standing up for a teacher fired for speaking about religion or defending the rights of individuals against illegal search and seizure, The Rutherford Institute offers assistance—and hope—to thousands.

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