Motrat Qiriazi

… The Association for the Education of Women

Linked with Marta Prekpalaj – Kosovo.

Motrat Qiriazi is a grassroots organization with a network of rural women activists throughout Kosovo.Their areas of focus are education, training and community-based projects. They also provide trauma counseling and psycho-social assistance.

Motrat Qiriazi has NOT its own website (sorry, the link ‘Website:’, put in the browser, leads to a german seller of ‘lights’ like lamps etc.). But the group is named on many other good websites (see some below).

Address: Motrat Qiriazi, Bregu i Diellit – JUG, L-1 nr. 10 Prishtinë, Kosovo, Ph #: 377.44.111.965 or 377.44.115.996 or 381.38.548.272;
Contact by e-mail.


  • Background: Named after the two sisters Qiriazi, who founded the first school for girls in Korca (Albania) 100 years ago, two sisters from Prishtina(KOSOVA) Safete and Igballe Rogova, formed a society for education of women: “Motrat Qiriazi” (Sisters Qiriazi). With the formation of the Women’s Network in Prishtina and with the collaboration of other women’s groups Motrat Qiriazi started its activities in february 1995.
  • Strategies for change: WHAT WE ARE DOING: …

We are looking for examples of women’s problems and solutions found in other parts of the world – to break the isolation of Has women and to provide ideas of how they might change their lives. SO, IF YOU:

  • Have stories of women changing their lives and their communities, PLEASE SEND us these stories.
  • Work in a similar project PLEASE CONTACT us so we can exchange ideas and learn from each other.

… (full text).

Motrat Qiriazi kerkese per ndihme.

WRI Women, 1996/01 (scroll down to women in Kosova/MOTRAT QIRIAZI).

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