The Advocacy Project AP

The Advocacy Project seeks to help community-based advocates produce, disseminate and use information, and so become more effective advocates for human rights and social justice.

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address: The Advocacy Project, 1326 14th Street NW, Washington DC 20005, phone: +1 202-332-3900, fax: +1 202-332-4600, e-mail;
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About The Advocacy Project AP disseminate and use information, and in so doing advance social justice.

AP carries out this mission in two ways. First, we work directly with a selected number of partner organizations and offer them services aimed at strengthening their information and advocacy. Second, we seek to work with others who share our commitment to working with community-based advocates, but have a larger footprint or constituency. These can include donors, NGOs, and even governments.

Core Beliefs: AP seeks a world in which disempowered people are able to find their voice and exercise their right to develop – on their own terms and with appropriate support from their government and the international community. We believe in:
The power of people to take collective action and use human rights to resolve community challenges;
The power of information as a tool for achieving social justice. By using information effectively, ordinary people ;
The power of advocacy as a tool for social change;
The power of outside support, when developed in partnership and not imposed to meet the donor’s agenda or administrative needs.

Goals: … (full text).

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