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/La Fondation EarthFocus – from a global concept to local projects – innovative educational tools to better understand sustainable development – see also: Youth Conference 2011, March 17-22, 2011.

  • … Vision: Our aim is to provide young people throughout the world with a forum for discussion and serve as a catalyst for action. The magazine Earth Focus has been described as “one of the hardest hitting environmental publications in circulation at the moment” [1] . The Earth Focus Foundation, founded in Geneva, Switzerland, by Princess Catherine Aleya Aga Khan, the widow of the late Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, continues to work on developing projects for young people.
  • Mission: … (full text).

Youth Conference: 2010, /do. March 17-22, 2011;
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Address: Earth Focus Foundation, Nicola Spafford Furey, Vice Présidente, 6, Chemin Sous Cherre, 1245 Collonge Bellerive, Switzerland;

Global Activities: The Earth Focus Foundation has several on-going projects which nurture an environmental education on local and global issues which are becoming (ever more) pertinent to the changing world that the youth are inheriting.

These projects include:

  • The publication of a professional magazine written by young people, circulated worldwide,
  • The organization of youth debates
  • Arranged visits and roundtable discussions
  • The creation of Green Maps in order to raise an awareness of sustainable development
  • Providing innovative educational initiatives/ tools

The Foundation aims to help young people understand the beauties and limits of the world in which they live and to encourage them to act and share their experience and feelings, with other communities.

The projects that the Earth Focus Foundation offers to primary and secondary schools from both the private and public sector are varied. They include, exhibitions, outings, visits, debates, writing and editing articles and reports, data research, mapping etc.


Global issues, responsibilities and education:

  • encouraging young people to bring about positive change in their local and global communities
  • The Earth Focus initiative began in 1992, through a partnership between students and teachers of the International School in Geneva and Bellerive Foundation, with the encouragement and support of the late Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, as a simple newspaper. It was conceived as a voice for young people, to empower them and stimulate positive action – encouraging young people to become involved in key local and global issues … (full text history).

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