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One main mission of Mandat International is to inform and orientate the delegates in Geneva for a short stay by cooperating closely with the conferences organization secretariats: … (full text Mission).

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About the Delegates: Non-Governmental Representatives and Delegates are people who participate in international conferences independently of governments. They can be representatives of non-governmental organizations, research centres, universities, autonomous communities, foundations or professional associations. 

An increasing number of problems can only be resolved by policies elaborated at the international level (climate change, health, conflicts, refugees, development, etc.). Thus, in order to tackle these problems, international organizations need non-governmental delegates.

This for several reasons:

  • They are an important source of information and expertise;
  • They help in identifying problems and relaying the demands of the civil populations concerned;
  • They allow efficient solutions to be identified (good practices);
  • They contribute directly to the implementation of the policies adopted;
  • They promote the development of international law;
  • They ensure that States respect the commitments that they have made;
  • They constitute a direct link between the international scene and the reality of the field.

Thus, their role is evermore important, as much for identifying solutions as for implementing them … (full text).

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