Work Foundation

  • The Work Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation whose independence, expertise and networks give us a strong platform for engagement.
  • We are the leading independent authority on work and its future.
  • We aim to improve the quality of working life and the effectiveness of organisations by equipping leaders, policymakers and opinion-formers with evidence, advice, new thinking and networks. (About us).

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Address: The Work Foundation, 21 Palmer Street, London, SW1H 0AD, UK;
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How we make a difference: /What we do: The Work Foundation analyses, advises and influences around the areas of economic change, how to create high performing Good Work organisations and to improve the quality of working life. 

  • Our Mission is Good Work for all.

Who we aim to reach:

  • We aim to reach leaders, policymakers, opinion formers and individuals.

How we make an impact:

Our independence gives us a strong platform for engagement across the political spectrum and ensures neutral ground for those who choose to engage with us. We make an impact through:

  • Our applied research – ranges from consortium research programmes, commissioned research projects to emergent thinking.
  • Our advisory consulting – equips organisations with the tools to become Good Work organisations.
  • Our policy work – includes labour market commentary, policy recommendations, opinion pieces and party conference events programmes.
  • Our partnering opportunities – encompass clients, sponsors, partners, alumni and specialised networks such as the Ideopolis Leadership Network.

Our messages are disseminated through our publications, media work and wide-ranging events, which provoke fresh-thinking, debate and action.

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