Private Rural Initiatives Program PRIP

also called PRIP Trust

PRIP’s niche:

  • To develop a vibrant, efficient and effective development sector;
  • To build institutional capacities of the NGOs/ Civil Society Organisations for promoting Good Governance within the organisations and materialising their goals and objectives effectively.

PRIP Capacity Building Approach;
SMILING Small Initiative by Local Innovative NGOs;
Mode of Operation;
address: House 72, Road – 8/A, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka – 1209, Phone: 88 02 8119111, 8110789, E-mail.


  • Vision: A Centre of Excellence for promoting “Good Governance” through building a vibrant, effective and gender equitable development sector by exploring and expanding human and institutional capacities in pursuance of Transparency, Accountability, Efficiency and Effectiveness.

  • Mission:
  • General Info: PRIP Trust is a unique organisation dedicated exclusively to capacity building primarily of development organisations. PRIP Trust employs a unique model in capacity building to sustain development process by strengthening institutional base through building capacities of local institutions towards attaining Good Governance for empowering the disadvantaged women and men. Since its inception, PRIP Trust has been providing a wide range of capacity building support services to various development organisations and other agencies. PRIP Trust as an organisation emerged as a sustainable capacity building support provider after the successful completion of the project titled “Private Rural Initiatives Program (PRIP)” … (full text).

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