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  • SocialEarth is a fresh, entrepreneurial and socially mindful weblog focusing on businesses that are doing good through their work. At SocialEarth, we believe the future of our livelihoods and our world depends on the creation and sustainability of such businesses. Therefore, we seek, promote and support social entrepreneurs, young and old, domestic and international, established and new, who have the audacity to create mindful businesses where profitability is a necessary objective and solving a ‘social ill’ is an imperative. If you know a person or business that is doing good, tell us!
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About 2/2 … /News: We cover news stories from green to microfinance, and almost everything in between. If there is an entrepreneur who is a making a genuine difference in the world via their business, we would be happy to do a story on them. 

While our core focus is social entrepreneurship, we will also share stories of individuals and organizations (non-profits, for profits, charitable, venture capital) that are uplifting the human race via their work.


If you’ve visited us a few times, you’re probably familiar with our unique vernacular. To help contextualize, we’d like to share a few definitions:

  • Social ill- poverty, disease, illiteracy, homelessness, global warming, violence- you get the idea
  • Genuine Difference- a business which is whole heartedly and consciously doing good. NOT increasing shareholder value via child labor or creating jobs via pollution.
  • Social Entrepreneur- an individual utilizing basic operational principles of a for-profit enterprise to create positive social change. While many social entrepreneurs create non-profit organizations, we believe social entrepreneurs can and should be creating for-profits enterprises which concurrently solve social or environmental issues.

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