The Alternatives to Violence Project AVP

conflict is part of daily life … but violence doesn’t have to be

Linked with Jo Vallentine – Australia.

The AVP Britain organises workshops which empower people to lead nonviolent lives, based on respecting and caring for ourselves and others. We believe there is a power for peace and good in everyone, and this power has the ability to transform our relationships … (full text).

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What is AVP: The Alternatives to Violence Project is a network of volunteers running workshops for anyone who wants to find ways of resolving conflict without resorting to violence. We work in the community and in prisons.

the thinking behind AVP: We understand that conflict is a natural and normal part of life, and that it is possible to learn new ways of handling it. By holding workshops in which the participants consider the underlying causes of friction and violence, practical ways of dealing with situations of conflict are worked out.

Our workshops build on everyday experiences and try to help us move away from violent or abusive behaviour by developing other ways of dealing with conflicts. They help us to increase the respect we have for ourselves and others

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