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What is compassion? The “Compassion Space” refers to this space in the cyber world, but it also refers to the space of well being we can facilitate for ourselves and others.  Read a brief description of the compassion space. Explore compassion meaning making and its connections to compassionate living … (Homepage 1/2).

What to do; Brief Description; Assumptions; Monthly Updates; Papers; Books; Journey; Web Author’s Bio; Links;
Partner websites: Community /Compassionate Living, and Advanced Info /Sacred Healing;

Homepage 2/2: … Launched in May, 2007 this site is a free public service, with the goal of developing a comprehensive compassion international database and moving toward a culture of compassion through better research and teaching. 

A website solely dedicated to sharing compassion information. Thousands of document pages and links, new research, and the site is updated monthly. Increase your compassion power to facilitate change. Use this site to develop a strong voice for compassion. All material is referenced with links and where possible with author and date of publication to aid referencing the material in other documents. Give compassion a strong voice, apply the information and then pass it on – tell others about this site.

Below are links to pages on this website containing compassion information. Enjoy exploring them … (full text).

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