Center for Building a Culture of Empathy

… Our mission is to contribute to growing a movement for building a culture of empathy and compassion. We do this through a variety of means.  First is by community organizing.  We bring people together and hold in-person and online meetings to help build this movement. Next is by collecting and organizing all the material we find on the internet on the topics. Researching through the arts and sciences. We are putting together a series of documentaries to entertain and educate the public and much, much more. … (full text Homepage).

Experts; Definitions; Science /Mirror Neurons; Empathy Teams; What’s new; Articles; Newsletter; YouTube;
Discussions; Conference; Videos; Obama Empathy Video; Texts of Speeches;

Empathy Café Meetings: Goal: Contribute to Building a Culture of Empathy and Compassion by producing a series of monthly Empathy Cafes, consisting of a presentation by an empathy expert speaker, followed by a World Cafe style discussion forum.

This is a way to develop a community to support empathy in our society by creating a space for personal growth, education, networking, community organizing and responsible social action. In the meetings we explore the experiences of empathy and compassion and look for ways to foster, support and encourage these values in all parts of society … (full text).

TAOLB Arts Project /The Art of Living Black /Overview:

  • Greetings TAOLB artists and extended community.  As Hershell West announced, we will be working together on a year long exploration of TAOLB: Artists Building a Culture of Empathy.  Stay tuned to the next Newsletter for announcements about this important year long exploration.

Join the Planning Team:

  • First join the yahoo Empathy discussion list.  This it where we can plan the project and the events together. Our first task is to find a meeting space for holding Empathy Cafe meetings.  Do you know of a space?
  • Pass on the word to your friends and invite them to subscribe to the Empathy Cafe newsletter to keep up on latest developments. Send me or Hershell an email if you would like to take part  and especially if you’d like to be on the organizing and planning team.

2007 Inspiration and TAOLB Documentary:

  • See the video of our past TAOLB project exploring the experience of inspiration. We interviewed participating fine artists about their experience with finding inspiration for their life and work. Has over 160 video clips.

First Introductions Video: … (full long texts and videos about TAOLB).

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