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The World Civil Society Forum intends to bridge the different areas of the international arena (the environment, health, human rights, humanitarian action, development, education, peace, security, information society, etc.) with the following aims and objectives: To strengthen international cooperation by:

  • Facilitating cooperation between organizations of civil society and the United Nations system, including its specialized agencies and other international organizations;
  • Promoting cooperation among civil society organizations across the world and working in different fields of activity, especially with developing countries and indigenous peoples;
  • … (full text Aims and Objectives).

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Forum’s Principles: Several principles have been adopted during the preparatory process of the World Civil Society Forum:  

  • 1. The Forum will strive to ensure an open space for open and constructive dialogue that allows identification of common interests and a cooperative search for solutions.
  • 2. The Forum will try to ensure as much participation as possible from organizations from developing and in transition countries.
  • 3. The Forum will engage as often as possible in its discussions, the different actors concerned, notably international organizations and the relevant civil society organizations.
  • 4. The Forum will give priority to trans-sectoral subjects that link several areas of activity and can provoke new axes of cooperation.
  • 5. The Forum will be participatory and democratic. It will regularly inform and consult with the member organizations throughout the world.
  • 6. In as much as its resources allow, the Forum will try to translate documents and debates into at least English, French, and Spanish.
  • 7. The Forum will give precedence to the search for concrete, effective solutions.
  • 8. The Forum will open a space for dialogue and reflection on the relationship between civil society, the media, governments and the private sector.
  • 9. The Forum will work with full respect for cultural diversity.

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