Center for Rights, Education and Awareness CREAW

Centre for Rights Education and Awareness

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The Center for Rights, Education and Awareness CREAW is a non-governmental, non-partisan, membership organization based in Nairobi, Kenya that seeks to empower the society on women human rights.

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About: (CREAW’s) Goal is to Change you, and Transform all. Our Mission is to empower women to realize their fundamental rights and freedoms as human beings with equal rights and privileges as men.

CREAW was set up in 1998 by several women lawyers who had common goals and purpose. It obtained its full legal status in 1999 when it was registered as a Non-governmental Organization in compliance to the Kenyan Laws.

Our membership is open to individuals and women who share in the same vision and mission, and are driven by positive values for women’s development and empowerment. (full text).

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