The Emergence of an European Islam

as CNRS-Thema

The Question of Institutional Status: In order to provide a legal context for the practice of Islam, several European Union member States have devised imaginative legal, institutional, political, and symbolic frameworks. Some examples, country by country … (full text).

Contact: Franck Fregosi, Researcher at the CNRS, Sociétés, droit et religion en Europe, CNRS-Université Strasbourg III.

map of Europe (notice: Turkey is told as part of Europe);
a bit of history: From Six to Twenty-Five, or Thirty, The Beginning of International Collaboration at the CNRS;
Europe as a research area;
Research IN Europe;
Research ON Europe;

Index of contacts, (A-K);
Index of contacts, (L-Z).

EURISLAM, Islam as Seen through Social Science Analysis: The convention signed between the anthropology-sociology research unit of the University of Louvain-la-Neuve (ANSO) and the Center for “Societé, Droit et Religion en Europe” (SDRE – Robert Schuman University and the CNRS) in September 1998 aims at constituting a bibliographic data base on contemporary Islam and the Muslims of Western Europe. Drawing from a network of correspondents throughout Europe who specialise in a social sciences approach to the subject, this database – named EURISLAM – contains all major references from 1995 to the present (3000 references). EURISLAM is accessible via the web site of the SDRE Center, under the title “bases de données bibliographiques”. Through this web site, access can also be had to the legal studies website of the Laboratory (DREL, JUREL, LEGIREL1) … (full text).

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