Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women HKABPW

Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women


  • To promote the interests of business and professional women through a variety of business functions and professional development activities;
  • To stimulate and encourage in women a realization and acceptance of their responsibilities to the community;
  • To promote friendship, cooperation and understanding amongst women;
  • To encourage women to acquire education and training and to use their skills and intelligence for their own and others’ development;
  • To work for the removal of all forms of discrimination and for equal opportunities, status and remuneration for women in economic, civil and political life;
  • To promote excellence in performance and ethics in business and the professions.

(About 1/2, Aims).

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KABPW’s Bursary: One of HKABPW’s aims is to encourage women and girls to acquire education and training. The Association provides financial support to students in need who are studying courses that are not traditionally pursued by females … (full text);

About 2/2, Community Projects): The Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women each year selects a community project to fund. In the past, the following projects or non-profit organisations were given donations.

To celebrate HKABPW’s 25 years in Hong Kong, the Association is supporting Harmony House, a voluntary organisation whose goals are:

  • to provide protection, caring and empowerment of women and children who are victims of domestic violence;
  • to counsel and give guidance to batterers in order to stop the cycle of violence;
  • to provide education to the community at large as well as specific target groups in order to promote family harmony.

HKABPW is providing a donation to contribute to Harmony House’s “Women Empowerment and Services Project”. This project provides learning opportunities through courses related to English, Computer Knowledge, Beauty and Make-up, Hairdressing and Peer Education.

These courses enable victims of domestic violence to improve their life through the acquisition of skills and training … (full text).

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