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performing Vision into Reality … one voice at a time

global women intact conducts an extensive performance program that utilizes the stage to increase public awareness about issues impacting women and girls, and female genital cutting (fgc). through the medium of performance, artists present on challenging issues with a comedic overtone that helps americans to understand cross-cultural dynamics and their impact and involvement in international policy … (full text performing to produce change).

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Address: global women intact, 1928 ellis street, san francisco, ca 94115, USA;

About: global women intact is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that is dedicated to the elimination of female genital cutting through the mediums of art, education, and public awareness.

by utilizing these mediums to advance new forms of initiation ceremonies, global women intact transcends tradition into new cultural rites which reduce the need for harmful practices.  to implement its mission, global women intact operates a series of community-based programs.

in africa, global women intact promotes the education of youth and communities, and assists practitioners to transition out of the field. in the united states, global women intact operates arts education programs and performance venues to increase public awareness and support.  specifically, global women intact locally premieres original productions and hosts emerging artists.

why global women intact is important:

internationally, governmental efforts to end the practice of female genital cutting have largely failed.  where the practice has been made illegal, activities have often gone underground. therefore, the health risks to young girls undergoing the procedure have increased significantly. global women intact contributes a unique, cross-cultural vision that empowers survivors (many who have been subjected to the practice, including director sia amma who was cut at the age of 9) by utilizing a distinctly grassroots approach to the issue.

making a difference:

last fall, executive director sia amma spent two months teaching in three villages between the boundaries of liberia, sierra leone, and guinea. ten (10) girls were scheduled for circumcision. after two months of education, she returned home to the united states to be informed that her efforts were successful. only two (2) of the girls had to endure the procedure. in her own words, she stated, “perhaps, we can change the thinking that causes people to perpetuate this barbaric custom. each time i visit a village, i change more minds and save more girls from being circumcised. like casting pebbles in a stream, each person i save, will save her daughter; and, she in turn will save hers. everyone can help!”

helping through eradication funding:

global women intact helps different organizations by providing them with addresses, funds, applications and other necessary information.  they use these tools to facilitate workshops in areas where female circumcision is still practiced. this year, fifty (50) requests were received from different organizations from different parts of the world asking for our help. here is one of them:

dear global women intact:
thanks for your bold steps in trying to eradicate fgm practices in this sub-region. this dreadful, inhumane and uncivilized act, accepted as an african tradition, has caused the untimely deaths of females and has promoted sexually transmitted infections (stis), diseases and hiv/aids. being opposed to it in my country as a journalist, now in exile, i incorporated in late 1996 and early 1997 an fgm eradication branch in my office and launched a campaign against these practices. the campaign here, though dangerous, will need funding from any source to carry out our work. the funding will allow us to network, using tools such as video recordings, billboards, decorations, postal mailings, and radio programs, coupled with newspaper publicity. to achieve success and to boost what we have on hand, i need your support. please reply.
thank you, samuel h. lavalie

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