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… Alan Fogelquist  is the editor of the Global Geopolitics Net and Global Geopolitics and Political Economy website. He  currently maintains and manages the  Eurasia Research Center – Global Geopolitics Net, project an independent  non-commercial educational effort aimed at fostering public understanding of complex problems and issues facing the world today. The Eurasia Research Center includes a library and archive of articles and documents on global and United States, geopolitical and economic issues.  The focus of research and analysis is on economic justice, sustainable development, human rights, and political and economic systems that place human needs first … (full long text about the editor).

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Select Bibliography on Global and United States Political Economy: … a select bibliography of some recommended reading on global economic issues.  

All or most of these  works should be read by informed citizens who want to understand the workings of today’s economic systems and whether or not they are meeting human needs.  Many of them include a critical evaluation of economic trends over the past decades with an emphasis on developing policies that are fair, equitable and meet human needs first. The works deal  with critical issues facing the United States and the world from a variety of dimensions. They include discussions of problems of both developed and developing countries. The editor recommends reading all  of them.  They will provide food for thought for people honestly interested in understanding the workings of national and global economic systems and how they might be improved to create a fair, equitable and cooperative order that improves the human condition in all regions and countries of the world. Development of some nations should not be at the expense of others. Some of these books document growing inequality, race-to-the-bottom trade, and the savage human toll of austerity economics which inflicts massive human suffering on millions of victims who see their jobs and livelihood destroyed in the name of fallacious economic doctrines that justify social darwinism.  The editor recommends Gérard Duménil and Dominique Lévy’s The Crisis of Neoliberalism, Richard Freeman’s America works: the exceptional US labor market, Les Leopold’s. The looting of America: how Wall Street’s game of fantasy finance destroyed our jobs, pensions, and prosperity, and what we can do about it, and Barry C. Lynn’s, . Cornered:  the new monopoly capitalism and the economics of destruction – just for starters. For trade issues, I recommend the works by Sherrod Brown, Geoffrey Faux, and Ian Fletcher. On the incredible social damage caused by outsourcing of jobs in search of ever lower wages and salaries even for scientists and highly trained professionals read Byron Dorgan and Ron and Anil Hira’s work.

Select Bibliography: … (full text Bibliography).

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