International NGO Coalition for an Optional Protocol to the ICESCR

Linked with Anthony Ravlich – New Zealand, and with Complaints Procedure At The UN.

Introduction: Campaign for international justice for victims of violations of economic, social & cultural rights: … We are campaigning to provide victims of economic, social and cultural rights violations with access to international justice. Currently, if you have been tortured or if your right to freedom of expression is violated, you can complain to the United Nations. But if you have been forcibly evicted, or if you are unable to access healthcare services, you don’t have the same opportunity. It should not be that way! The way forward is the development of what is called an Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (OP-ICESCR). This Optional Protocol (OP) will establish a complaints mechanism allowing you to present your case to the United Nations … (click on Read more ).

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Our Demands: The core elements which are promoted and defended by the International Coalition for an OP-ICESCR in the ESCR Protocol Now! Campaign include:

  • An Optional Protocol to the ICESCR will provide victims of violations of economic, social and cultural rights access to international justice;
  • It would establish a communications procedure that would enable individuals and groups to file complaints before the CESCR Committee for specific violations of the rights contained in the Covenant. Similar procedures are already available for violations of other international and regional human rights treaties;
  • The primary purpose of the NGO Coalition for the OP to the ICESCR is to advocate for the adoption and use of an effective OP to the ICESCR;
  • Members of the Coalition have identified five key elements for an effective OP. Each is a minimum requirement for the Optional Protocol that should be promoted by all NGOs wishing to contribute to the process of making the OP to the ICESCR a meaningful human rights instrument.

… (full text/Our Demands).

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