Awareness in Action

presents a view of how to transform our working life and the tools to make it happen

Awareness in Action recognizes the challenges of the modern work place and works with staff and employers to develop an innovative and sustainable response … (the Challenge 1/2).

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The Challenge 2/2: … We live in times of change and uncertainty characterized by economic fluctuation, rapid technological development, a work culture that expects a 24/7 availability and an increasing global dependency. 

For employers to be able to respond to these challenges, they need staff who are flexible, self-aware and compassionate.  People with these skills are more able to handle stress and deal with colleagues and clients with greater sensitivity and effectiveness. This means training with a more complete, person-based focus that can deliver sustainable development, rather than short-term solutions.

For staff to be able to respond to these challenges they need to be able to see them not as problems but as possibilities for growth and personal development.

This means a vision and methodology of training that engages directly with our habitual ways of doing things, while acknowledging the growing wish to find a deeper meaning in our working lives.

Awareness in Action delivers a range of training opportunities specifically designed to target the needs of each work situation. (full text).

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