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Sharing Information to pursue progress in human rights

Linked with Anthony Ravlich – New Zealand.

The HR Network (excerpt):

  • The Human Rights Network is a meeting place for New Zealanders with an interest and commitment to human rights;
  • Available social research suggests New Zealanders have a commitment to human rights, yet the human rights movement in New Zealand has been fragmented, making it difficult to share information and ideas and to mobilise to meet human rights challenges;
  • A determination to establish a network infrastructure, the Human Rights Network, came about as a result of the experience of some individuals and organisations during the 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1998, and during the debate about the future of New Zealand’s domestic human rights protections;
  • Through the Human Rights Network knowledge can be exchanged more often, news can be disseminated more widely and consultation can take place more easily. Where there is a need for collective action, mobilisation can take place with greater haste.

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About Human Rights: Human Rights are those rights that everyone everywhere has by virtue of being human.

Human rights are everyone’s concern: “The affirmation and implementation of human rights principles form the foundation of a just society. Such issues cannot be dismissed as of concern only to the international community, and as such, of academic interest only; they are vital to the peace and prosperity of every society”. (Silvia Cartwright, former NZ Governor-General, “The Re-evaluation of the Human Rights Protections in New Zealand“, 2000).

Human Rights include:

  • Freedom from want — to enjoy a decent standard of living;
  • Freedom to develop and realise one’s human potential — rights to food, education and privacy;
  • Freedom from fear — with no threats to personal security;
  • Freedom from injustice and violations of the rule of law;
  • Freedom of expression, participation and association;
  • Freedom for decent work — without exploitation.

Human Rights:

  • Are universal, inalienable and interdependent;
  • Apply in different areas of public and private life;
  • Are context specific, applying in different ways in different places;
  • Sometimes may need to be balanced against each other:
  • Need to be protected.

Link: the Human Rights Party, New Zealand.

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