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  • Welcome to the Blown Mortgage Credit Center; a collection of useful resources about credit for consumers and mortgage industry members. Browse the links to learn more about improving your credit and what credit means to the mortgage interest rate you may qualify for.
  • This section was created because of the numerous requests I get on a daily basis asking about improving credit and cleaning up old credit problems. I hope that this resource becomes a valuable destination for our readers and visitors … (full text Credit Center).
  • Download: exclusive report: 10 Deadliest Loan Modification Mistakes, 2 pdf-pages.

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About: My name is Morgan and I’m the original founder of I am what you might call a mortgage insider.  

I’ve done it all in the mortgage business from origination to managing warehouse lines of credit to running a mortgage bank as the COO.  Problem is the mortgage industry can make you feel like you need a shower.  So this is my personal shower – my ongoing endeavor to cover the atrocities that still plague the mortgage industry – giving you insight and understanding about the industry and how not to get burned by a bad mortgage deal.

BlownMortgage was named Inman News Top 25 Most Influential Real Estate Blogs – 2007 so yay for that.

As the mortgage industry gets tighter, people in my industry get more desperate for a paycheck. Don’t be fooled. Know what you are doing. And tip number one – you don’t know what you are doing. Blown Mortgage is here to help. I’ll tell you everything I’m not supposed to tell you about the mortgage industry. It will help you, it will help me sleep at night. Others might not sleep so well. I don’t care, I don’t like most people in my industry.

Want to know more about me? Well I’ve handled the following parts of a mortgage operation: … (full text about).

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