Pathfinder International

a global leader in reproductive health

Pathfinder International’s mission is to ensure that people everywhere have the right and opportunity to live a healthy reproductive life. Reproductive health is essential for creating better opportunities throughout life … (about /Mission 1/2).

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Address: Pathfinder International. 9 Galen St., Suite 217, Watertown, MA 02472, USA;

About /Mission 2/2: … When people take charge of their life choices such as when and how often to have children, they gain confidence and strength. They can better pursue their education, contribute to the local economy, and engage in their communities.

Pathfinder International places reproductive health services at the center of all that we do—believing that health care is not only a fundamental human right but is critical for expanding opportunities for women, families, communities, and nations, while paving the way for transformations in environmental stewardship, decreases in population pressures, and innovations in poverty reduction.

In more than 25 countries, Pathfinder provides women, men, and adolescents with a range of quality health services—from contraception and maternal care to HIV prevention and AIDS care and treatment. Pathfinder strives to strengthen access to family planning, ensure availability of safe abortion services, advocate for sound reproductive health policies, and, through all of our work, improve the rights and lives of the people we serve.

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