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About: In 2004, the education-africa project was initiated at the University of Cologne with the major goal of facilitating ICT use in teacher education. The major aim was to support teaching staff and student teachers in African universities in developing ICT skills both for general use and for teaching.

Three major goals for were identified:

Goal one – Create and maintain a website as Portal for Education in Africa. The website was to:

  • act / serve as a platform for interchange, communication and cooperation among educationists, education institutions in Africa
  • act / serve as platform for self-representation for African educationists through publications, discussions
  • collect and disseminate information on education and research in Africa and beyond
  • promote the sharing of experiences and successful strategies and initiate other projects in field of ICT education
  • set a pedagogical competence network of African educationists who can advise and give opinions on African educational issues

Goal two – “Use of ICT in Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa: case studies of selected African universities” involves research aimed at investigating how ICTs are currently being used at pre-service and in-service level to train teachers in Africa. So as to realise its goal, the study was guided by a set of objectives:

  • investigate students’, teachers’ training in ICT (e.g. identify ICT courses)
  • identify and evaluate ICT courses available at the universities / institutions
  • investigate students’ ICT skills
  • investigate students’ attitude towards ICT
  • investigate lecturers’ attitude towards ICT
  • identify advantages and disadvantages in using ICT as teaching tools

Goal three – assist with the implementation of ICT in the participating institutions and countries by:

  • assisting in designing online ICT training content through partnerships and collaboration with African educators
  • extending expertise and know-how through university partnerships and carry out and encourage research in the field of ICT-based education in Africa
  • through cooperation with the private sectors and organisations assist in the implementation of ICT in education by lobbying for hardware and software


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