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  • Africa Research Institute aims to reflect, understand and build on the dynamism in Africa today. We are a London-based think tank which looks for practical examples of achievement – by listening to the people who have created that success, often in adversity, and by communicating that experience to organisations, companies and policymakers. We are not guided by ideology and are strictly non-partisan.
  • Africa Research Institute is a registered charity, number 1118470. (About).

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Working with ARI, Writing for ARI: Africa Research Institute is a strictly independent think tank. We have no political affiliation, nor do ideological influences have a bearing on our choice of work or who we work with.  

In the past, we have produced publications which document the merits of both free markets and production subsidies. We are not deterred by contradictions.

Africa Research Institute has a simple mandate – we look for ideas that have worked in Africa, and for new ideas where needed. Our work is not restricted to ‘success stories’ as such, but we do look for real examples where practical achievement has or could be made. Any project we embark on must generate clear policy recommendations, and avoid vague messages that refer to ‘improving governance’ or ‘increasing funding for agriculture’, for example. We have a strict no jargon policy.

Africa Research Institute does not undertake large scale quantitative research or household surveys. Such research is beyond our capacity, and adequately serviced by large research organisations and academic institutions. Our aim is to find ideas or themes neglected by policy makers and international donors. Our publications seek to explain these issues in a simple and accessible format without jargon.

Most of our work relies on collaborations with people on the ground in Africa, and individuals who can talk from experience about specific issues. Often such individuals are professionals and are not in a position to document their work. They nonetheless have stories to tell with important messages for policy makers. Africa Research Institute is open to future collaborations, but individuals must be able to demonstrate constructive ideas with clear policy recommendations.

None of our authors have written for financial gain. Africa Research Institute will try and contribute to expenses, but rarely do we pay for work. We can, however, provide assistance promote ideas and disseminate publications. (More).


Poor People Using Mobile Financial Services: Observations on Customer Usage and Impact from M-PESA, August 2009;

What you don’t know about M-PESA, July 14, 2009;

Harvard Africa Policy Journal, for last year’s free electronic copies;

CGAP – a project of the World Bank, advancing financial access for the world’s poor – Homepage; About Microfinance; Address: CGAP, MSN P 3-300, The World Bank Group, 1818 H Street, N.W., Washington D.C. 20433, USA.

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