The National Visionary Leadership Project

Linked with James Forman – USA.

Our Mission: To ensure that the wisdom of our country’s extraordinary African American elders is preserved by and passed on to the young people who will lead us tomorrow.

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Address: National Visionary Leadership Project, 1218 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036, Phone: 202-331-2700, Toll-free: 1-888-680-6857 (NVLP), Fax: 202-331-2707.

Visionary Heritage Fellows Program:
The Visionary Heritage Fellows Program (VHFP) offers a unique opportunity for talented students, selected annually from participating institutions, to learn from Visionary elders through direct dialogue, informal mentorship, and video documentation.

Each year, the chosen Fellows engage in faculty supervised independent study coursework, documenting the lives of Visionaries the students have selected from communities across the country.

NVLP partners with the student’s educational institution to give each Fellow the academic resources, faculty supervision and training to do a comprehensive research project, including a videotaped biographical interview of their chosen elder … (full text).

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