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ReligiousIntelligence.Com publishes this website providing impartial and unbiased information about the world’s religious news and developments. Based in London, England, our sources are drawn from around the world and across the religious groups. Alongside the news service, we also provide research to clients ranging from religious organizations, media outlets and the military. We are happy to provide a quote and discuss your requirements should you require any research to be carried out for your group … (about 1/2).

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Address: Religious Intelligence Ltd., Central House, 142 Central Street, London, EC1V 8AR;

(About 2/2):Our Conferences division stages events for the website relating to religious matters, but can also stage events, including arranging speakers and venues, for outside clients. Please contact us for further details.

From time to time we host volunteer placements for students who wish to explore a career in journalism. While these posts are unpaid, we do provide a small remuneration for travel expenses. To be considered for a place, please send your resume to the editor …

… Sources drawn from:

  • Our own researchers;
  • The CIA Factbook;
  • Operation World Website;
  • The Oxford Dictionary of World Religions, ed: John Bowker, Oxford;
  • Religion: A Cross-Cultural Encyclopaedia, David Levinson, ABC-CLIO;
  • Encyclopaedia of New Religions, Ed; Christopher Partridge, Lion;
  • Oxford Concise Dictionary of the Christian Church, EA Livingstone, Oxford University Press;
  • New Lion Handbook of World Religions, Gen Ed: Christopher Partridge, Lion.

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