Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide Gariwo

by the Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide Committee – Versione Italiana

Who are the RIGHTEOUS? The term Righteous comes from the Bible, which states that “whoever saves a life saves the whole world” and it was applied for the first time in Israel with reference to those who rescued Jews from Nazi persecution in Europe. The concept of Righteous has been used again to recall the attempts to stop the extermination of the Armenians in Turkey in 1915 and by extension to all those, anywhere in the world, who have tried or are trying to prevent crimes of genocide, to defend human rights in extreme situations, or that struggle to safeguard memory from the recurring attempts to deny the truth about the persecutions … (about 1/2).

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The Committee for the Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide first started in Milan in 1999 and was officially formed in 2001. It is chaired by Gabriele Nissim, a historian and author of several books on the subject (Ebrei Invisibili, L’uomo che fermò Hitler, Il Tribunale del Bene, Una bambina contro Stalin) and includes among its founding members Pietro Kuciukian, chairman of the International Committee of the Righteous for the Armenians, a member of the Union of Armenians in Italy, the author of books on the Armenian genocide and on the Righteous for the Armenians (Le terre di Nairi, Dispersi, Voci nel deserto) and honorary consul of Armenia in Italy.

Sarajevo witnessed the formation of Gariwosa, the section of the Committee for Bosnia-Herzegovina (Gardens of the Righteous Worldwide Sarajevo), chaired by Svetlana Broz, the author of Good People in an Evil Time.

The Committee’s aim is to heighten awareness and understanding of the Righteous. (more) … (full long text / click also on more).


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