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Linked with Sandra Nyaira – Zimbabwe, and with New Media: How to Do More With Less.

The IWMF’s mission is to strengthen the role of women in the news media around the world, based on the belief that no press is truly free unless women share an equal voice. (About 1/2).

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About 2/2: Raising Awareness: Since its launch in 1990, the IWMF has increased the level and depth of debate about women’s roles in the media. IWMF studies and reports explore the obstacles women journalists face when trying to advance in their careers.

The organization also examines the impact on the news business and the community when women’s voices are absent from decision-making about news and how it is covered.

Creating Opportunities: The IWMF’s seminars and training sessions
give women journalists the tools they need to enhance their careers and move into leadership positions. In addition to offering critical leadership development opportunities, the IWMF also sponsors training in the techniques of a free press and in the business of the media.

Building Networks: The IWMF has built a network of women journalists
from more than 100 countries. In addition to fostering alliances and connections, the network helps women in media share their strategies for success and access resources to help them achieve their goals.

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