US Muslim Women Resource Center MWRC

… We are proud to be the only Muslim Women Organization in the state of Illinois.  Since its foundation in 2001, our goal, at MWRC, has been to facilitate between the needs and expectations of the Immigrant & Refugee Muslim Women and the enormous resources provided for them by Governmental, non-governmental, Foundations and our volunteer donors.  Although our organization is originally designed to serve Muslim women and their families, we are bound by our conviction to serve all immigrants and refugees from all walks of life regardless of gender, faith, race, ethnicity or age.   We strive to help integrate Muslim Women Immigrant population into the mainstream American society by providing them with appropriate skill-sets to enter and lead a productive life in their new home, United States of America … (Homepage).

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Address: 6349 N. Western Ave., Chicago, IL 60659, USA;
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About: Muslim Women Resource Center’s mission is to assist immigrant and refugee Muslim women overcome cultural and language barriers, and prepare them with appropriate occupational skills to become self sufficient and ready to enter the job market/mission.

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