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OpEdNews.com is a tough progressive website, supporting values that are really dead center American, like fairness, democracy, justice, protection of our national resources and commons, and preferring to support humans and America before corporations and religions … (About 1/2).

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About 2/2: OEN is more than a media or blog site. OEN is an activism and advocacy empowerment site designed to be used, for free by individuals and non-profit groups and organizations.

OpEdNews Saw over 600,000 unique visitors, over 40 million hits last month. We have over 10,000 registered members. We have 30 volunteer editors, 65 volunteer assignment writers and more volunteers who focus on specific topic issues, graphics, transcription and more. (We always welcome more volunteers. Contact to become a volunteer.)

Rob Kall founded OpEdNews Feb 28, 2003, and is the editor and publisher.

Our mission: Provide a content management, social networking website that supports progressive communications and tools for activism and organizations.

Our Purpose: OpEdNews provides a content management system, accessible by anyone, that supports groups– organizations, non-profits, clubs, etc.,enabling them to share articles, posting to pages focusing on specific subjects, every state and county in the US and all other countries and provinces (some pages added as needed or requested.)

The site enables users to post articles and links to articles so activists and advocates can share information.

The site supports hundreds of volunteer writers and thousands of bloggers who write articles and blog diaries covering news from a different perspective than that offered by the mainstream media.

The site WILL be providing the ability for groups to do polls of its members and of the general readership to use for planning and democratic processes.

The site offers some existing recruiting tools for groups and will be offering more tools.

The site will be providing tools for finding potential members and activists with shared advocacy interests, using demographic and poll responses.

Our Goals: … (full long text).

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