Amnesty International Volunteers

The site is dedicated to providing a forum for sharing resources among active volunteers of Amnesty International. The organizers of this site come from several AI sections. As such, the site does not belong to any single Amnesty section. Our goals are as follows:

  • to build an archive of resources useful for volunteer activists in their Amnesty work;
  • to create an area for Amnesty activists to share ideas, information, and camaraderie;
  • to provide room for volunteer structures that need a home on the Internet.

This site is not an “official” Amnesty site for the public. This is not the place to get or ask general questions about Amnesty International. To do this, see Amnesty International Online for information about Amnesty’s human rights concerns and work … (full text of homepage).

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contributor’s page;
Amnesty International Handbook;
Hosted Groups;
apply for access to the website-resources;
contact: to become a volunteer, concerning the volunteer-website, for other questions.

About/Introduction: In recent years, we see a blossoming of websites devoted to publicizing the work of Amnesty and to galvanize the public to take notice of human rights violations around the world.

However, none of these sites is devoted to servicing the needs of volunteers. A group of us decided to turn our energy to the task of developing such a volunteer-oriented site. We registered the domain name “” to emphasize that the site is targeting Amnesty volunteers as its audience … (full text introduction).

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Participation (scroll down): A number of roles are available to people who wish to participate in the development of this resource. We need:

  • a core team of administrators who share day-to-day maintenance duties,
  • gatekeepers who grant access to the member-only area,
  • developers and designers who take on specific projects and create html pages, scripts,
  • images, contributors who submit content.

… (full text participation).

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