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Our Mission is to promote the development and effective management of security sectors for enhanced peace and security.

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Stabilisation Programme: Team Leader: Dr. Stephanie Blair – The Stabilisation Programme at the Centre for Security Sector Management (CSSM) is dedicated to practical and empirically-based research that supports the wider stabilisation community. The purpose of the stabilisation programme is to make the link between practice and theory, and training and education for the full spectrum of actors that are involved in peace and stability programmes.

These programmes include what has been more commonly known as peacebuilding, statebuilding and relief and development interventions, all of which encompass civil-military interoperability in support of promoting more integrated approaches. The stabilisation programme accomplishes this through a wide variety of workshops, seminars, conferences, and applied research, training courses facilitated on behalf of the UK Stabilisation Unit. This academic and research area also features in a number of the accredited modules on Cranfield University’s MSc Security Sector Management.

Current Activities:

  • Book Project:  “From Practice to Theory: Conceptualising Stabilisation Interventions”. The Stabilisation Programme at CSSM, with the support of the UK Stabilisation Unit, will convene an author’s workshop which will result in a peer-reviewed book with contributions from highly experienced practitioners and academics.  Its scope will be to examine integration and interoperability across governments and multilateral organisations. The purpose of the project overall is to produce the first book which comprehensively examines stabilisation and stability operations, including both national and international approaches and a number of topical case studies. The book will be edited by Dr. Ann Fitz-Gerald, Director, CSSM, Cranfield University and Dr. Stephanie Blair, CSSM.
  • Training. The Stabilisation Programme facilitates the UK Stabilisation Unit Course encompassing 2 modules and a selection centre for senior planners.
  • Partnerships and collaborative research work: SIPRI project: “The Civilian Contribution to Peace and Stability Operations”. The project will support policy development and initiatives that will strengthen international, regional and national capacities to enhance civilian contributions to peace and stability operations. It will make a comparative assessment of international and regional organizations to take stock of the international architecture of civilian dimension of peace operations. It will also highlight how individual governmental initiatives can contribute to more effective international policies and structures and strengthen multilateral coordination. The project will make recommendations on how organizations and governments can develop—and implement—a coherent strategy for planning and implementing civilian missions and the civilian components of multidimensional UN peace operation

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