The Borneo Project

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Supporting indigenous communities protecting ancestral rainforests and human rights. The Borneo Project Board covers our administration expenses, so 100% of your donations go to help urgent initiatives in Borneo … (Homepage).

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Our Work (see also the links in the left column): Over the past 17 years we have coordinated trainings, equipment, volunteers and small grants for the following programs.

1) Indigenous Lands Protection:

  • Community mapping for grassroots conservation and development planning;
  • Legal aid for court cases to secure land tenure and halt forest destruction;
  • Paralegal trainings for villagers.

2) Natural Resource Management:

  • Reforestation of degraded areas with native trees;
  • Demarcation of community-protected areas;
  • Community gardens for organic vegetables and medicinal plants;
  • Documentation of traditional uses of rainforests.

3) Micro-enterprise development:

  • Handicrafts marketing;
  • Organic black pepper and other cash crops;
  • Indigenous music promotion.

4) Green Energy:

  • Communities learn to install and manage microhydro systems in exchange for protection of upstream rainforests that provide water to the turbine.

HISTORY: … (full text/our work).

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