The Bruno Manser Fonds BMF

Society for the peoples of the rainforest (aussi en français, auch auf deutsch).

Linked with Bruno Manser – Switzerland.

Bruno-Manser-Fund (BMF), association for the peoples of the rainforest, is an environmental and human rights organization with its headquarters in Basel / Switzerland. Its aim is to support the Penan people in Sarawak (East Malaysia) as well as other indigenous peoples in their struggle to protect tropical rainforests from destruction. Special emphasis is put on informing consumers in the west about tropical timber and illegal logging practices. (Mission).

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Thanks to a wave of international protests, the Malaysian authorities refrained from dismantling a logging road blockade set up by the Penan tribe in the interior of Borneo. For more than two years, the Penan community of Long Benali (Miri division, Sarawak) has successfully prevented the bulldozers of the Samling group from encroaching onto their native customary lands. The unmanned blockade was set up on 10 February 2004 to protect one of Sarawak’s last virgin jungle areas from logging. After timber company workers had dismantled a similar, newly established Penan blockade near the settlement of Ba Abang in June 2006, local authorities announced they would dismantle the Long Benali blockade by mid-July and brought specially trained police units into the area. However, the local community renewed the existing roadblock and appealed to the international public for support … (full text Homepage BMF, campaign update and – scroll down – articles).

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