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Since 1954, The New World Foundation’s grant making has supported organizations working to strengthen and expand civil rights and the active participation of citizens in American democracy. Our commitment to this work remains firm. Our strategy is to support the building of social movements by supporting organizing, which builds a sustainable mass base of activists in viable organizations. We do this on a range of issues and among constituencies all over the country. Because we give long term support to projects we do not accept uninvited proposals. (Homepage).

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Who we are: New World Foundation completed its fifth decade of grant making in the year 2004. As we continue our work, we expect the new millennium to be a time of continuing significant transition for America, a search for new directions, a battle between the past and future, between the politics of fear and hope. We see the strengths of progressive ideals and committed activists, who every day are inventing democracy and extending its boundaries.

But we also know the strength of reaction, inaction, and injustice in blocking democracy’s advance. Our work and our tradition is to tip the balance, to add resources to the side of justice, to widen the channels for participation, and to ensure that another generation will see by example how they can make a difference. Throughout, our work aims to remind older generations and educate younger ones that here in America people must continue to struggle for freedom and justice.

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Colin Greer writes in Philanthropy as solidarity, April 21, 2008: … The New World Foundation focuses its grantmaking on such base-building organisations, which are often desperately short of resources. In a recent survey, we found that among more than fifty base-building activist organisations (some of the strongest in the field by our lights), close to 90% were dependent on limited foundation support, with minimal sources of other tax-exempt money, and many of their executive directors and senior staff lived very close to the poverty line … (full text OpenDemocracy).

The Foundation supports grassroots organizations that foster citizen engagement and local empowerment in the areas of public education, equal rights and opportunities, public health, community initiatives, and the avoidance of war. Funding is dispersed through three programs: The Phoenix Fund for Workers and Communities, The Global Environmental Health and Justice Fund, and The New Majority Fund. An application consists of a brief letter outlining the project needing funding, the amount needed, and specifics of the requesting organization. Applications are accepted at any time. Grant Range: $5,000 To $25,000 … (full text Campus Compact).

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