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Originally in german: Menschenrechte für die Frau e.V.

  • TERRE DES FEMMES is a non-profit human rights organisation based in Germany that supports girls and women through raising public awareness, international networking, campaigning, individual personal assistance and the promotion of self-help projects abroad.
  • TERRE DES FEMMES works to ensure that women and girls around the world are able to lead self-determined lives as well as enjoying equal and inalienable rights. (english Homepage).

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Address: TERRE DES FEMMES, Main Office, P.O. Box 25 65, D-72015 Tübingen, Germany;

History – Today: Our History: In 1981, a group of concerned women were inspired to act after reading a disturbing article in Brigitte magazine about the horrible fate of women in the Middle East.

The women contacted Sentinelles, the Swiss human rights organisation that had published the report ‘Princesses mortes’ on which the article was based. During a meeting with Sentinelles in May 1981, the idea of founding a women’s rights organisation in Germany was born.

Until 1990, TERRE DES FEMMES consisted of an executive committee and local groups working on a voluntary basis.
A first full-time position as well as todays main headquarter office were created in 1990.


  • TERRE DES FEMMES’ main office is located in Tübingen, Germany. We opened a second office in Berlin. TERRE DES FEMMES also has more than 28 active volunteer groups across Germany.
  • TERRE DES FEMMES now has more than 3,500 individual supporters.
  • Our supporters work with us to inform the general public on the exploitation, mistreatment and persecution of women.
  • Our funding comes mostly from individual donations, corporate Partnerships, membership fees and grants from institutions. In 2004, a TERRE DES FEMMES foundation was created. The interest-earnings will contribute to the financing of our work. It constitutes an important pillar to ensure our work continues in the long term.

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