The Social Enterprise Foundation

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Owned by the social enterprise sector, run by the sector for the benefit of the sector and every community it supports, the Social Enterprise Foundation is THE national membership body for organisational and personal development in the social enterprise sector in the United Kingdom. The mission is simply to drive the establishment of new forms of business that create social and economic value to all communities and reduce the disparities between the most affluent and most disadvantaged communities … (full text/Homepage).

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How it came about: The Social Enterprise Foundation was not born of a policy initiative, a funding programme, or an academic research project.

It is born of a long train journey by three social enterprise practitioners. It is born of a beleaguered rant and the sudden realisation that we all felt the same. It is born of the dawning realisation that nearly everyone we knew from the sector felt the same.

The social enterprise sector is growing at a dizzying pace. Umbrella bodies and lobbying groups are driving forward their agendas with unparalleled success. At this time of rapid change and tantalising opportunity it can be very easy to loose your way. Often we don

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