United Farm Workers

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  • Many UFW staff members hail from the fields. They bring their knowledge and experience in farm work to help organize their brothers and sisters. They’ve experienced first-hand the low wages, back breaking conditions and slum living and know how hard it is to organize a union.
  • Below are the biographies of some of our organizers … (about /Who we are).

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Address: United Farm Workers, Human Resources, Farm Workers Movement, P.O. Box 62, La Paz, Keene, CA, 93531, USA;

Organizing /Victories: We are pleased to announce that we have signed a new three-year union contract with Beef Northwest Feeders.

The company operates cattle feedlots in Oregon and Washington. Workers are now eligible for the UFW’s medical and pension coverage. They will receive paid vacations, six paid holidays and funeral leave. All the basic workplace rights are written into the contract, such as breaks and meal times, restrooms, drinking water and heat stress mitigation. Workers will not be required to work when there is a danger of injury to either themselves or the animals. Animal protection advocates will be glad to know there are beefed up guarantees of animal safety … (full text Victories).

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