Friends of Deir Ibzi’a

  • Deir Ibzia is a community of 35 families and approximately 1,600 people located about 10 kilometers equidistant from both the city of Ramallah and the Green Line (the pre-1967, “internationally recognized” border of Israel) … (History 1/2).
  • Deir Ibzi on en.wikipedia.

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Address: Friends of Deir Ibzia, 2132 Prince Street, Berkeley, CA, 94705, USA;
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History 2/2: … Historically it’s economy has revolved primarily around farming and agriculture.  

In the past two decades, many of the men in the village found themselves better able to eke out a living by crossing the Green Line into Israel, working jobs offered there in the lowest tiers of the Israeli economy.

The residents of Deir Ibzia have been and are facing tremendous social, economic and personal pressures due to the Israeli occupation, these troubles mounting ever more so since the beginning of the Intifada two years ago. For example, a significant percentage of the local men have been out of work since the Intifada began, no longer able or allowed to travel to their jobs in Israel or having been repeatedly prevented from accessing work in the nearby city of Ramallah as a result of the serial curfews and states of siege imposed upon that city by the Israeli Defense Forces. Along with all else that is going on in Palestine, the phenomenal economic devastation is making life everywhere increasingly untenable … (full long text History).

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