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This site has been created by Himmat Publications Trust, publishers from 1964 to 1981 of Himmat Weekly, and will be edited by Rajmohan Gandhi, who was Himmat’s Chief Editor from 1964 to 1981. Historian, commentator and former member of the Rajya Sabha, Rajmohan Gandhi is the author of, among other books, Revenge & Reconciliation … (Homepage and divers items).

2 addresses:

  • a) CDR, 10, Worli Sea Face, Mumbai 400 018, Tel: (022) 492 9858, Fax 91-22-4931642, e-mail;
  • b) CDR, J-1346 Palam Vihar, Dist. Gurgaon, Haryana 122 017, e-mail.


They have created the Centre for Dialogue and Reconciliation CDR:

The mission: The CDR hopes to serve as an initiative that links the issues of dialogue with justice and equity and through this integral link, begins to serve as a catalyst for both internal and external peace and reconciliation in South Asia. Several groups already exist to assist the goal of South Asian concord, but given both the enormity and complexity of the task a body with such a perspective, that of justice, peace and reconciliation, may also play a useful role.

Gruelling poverty, politicised manipulation of religions, gender disparities and caste-based oppressions coupled with excessive militarisation – that has today taken the form of potential nuclear anhilation – have combined to give an edge to the conflicts within the region, severely warping and wounding the daily life of South Asia’s nearly one and a half billion people. Economic advancement has been blocked; health, universal education and employment remain out of bounds for the vast majority of the people … (full long text/divers items).

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