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In partnership with local groups, Nonviolent Peaceforce NP members apply proven nonviolent strategies to protect human rights, deter violence, and help create space for local peacemakers to carry out their work. (Homepage).

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address: India Gandhi Ashram, Kingsway Camp New Delhi 110 009, India, Tel: 27 743-4514, Fax: 27 4652566;

About: Nonviolent Peaceforce (NP) is a nonpartisan unarmed peacekeeping force composed of trained civilians from around the world.

Nonviolent Peaceforce brings together over 60 Member Organisations from five continents and over 100 supporting organisations … (full text).

The Associate strives to fulfill the following objectives:
• To foster friendship and understanding amongst the people of Asia for a peaceful and nonviolent world.
• To identify cultural, education and voluntary organizations in different countries of Asia with similar objectives and to develop contact with them
• To organize conferences, seminars, workshops, peace marches, lectures, and other ways of interaction amongst the people.
• To promote and facilitate meaningful exchanges and interactions amongst social activists, intellectuals, professionals, artists, writers, women, youth, farmers, and artisans of different countries of Asia.
• To organize humanitarian help at the time of natural calamities and render needed services to the affected people.

Region: Asia Pacific.

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