African Children’s Educational Trust A-CET

Registered Charity 1066869

  • Introduction – a child’s right to free primary education: From the 1934 International Conference on Education to the possibly ill judged Millennium Development Goals, every child’s right to free primary education has been universally endorsed.
  • It is well known that education is the salvation of struggling societies – beyond providing a well spring of knowledge – brings with it the best chance of defeating poverty, better parenting, better health, better nutrition, greater opportunity and a direct line to economic growth. From the UN to the World Bank it is agreed that free universal primary education is the ultimate measure of human progress … (full text schools).

Students; Videos: A-CET Overview; Ethiopian Educational System; Future School Projects; How to help;
Address: A-CET, PO Box 8390, Leicester, LE5 4YD, UK;

About: A-CET now only funds educational support programmes within Ethiopia through the local NGO – EYES which is managed by our trained and experienced ex-students.  

We are strictly apolitical and we do not see it as our remit to “lobby”. We work within the policies and with the cooperation of the local elected government.

We fund long-term scholarships for locally selected vulnerable youngsters who, without our support, would be unable to attend full-time education and we build/upgrade rural community elementary schools using local labour and materials. We believe these small scale targeted supervised projects are the most effective way of supporting development though education.

We feel to withdraw support for “political or human rights issues” only exacerbates unrest and discontent and is short-sighted as it always the poor, old and sick who will suffer most. We never promise what we don’t feel we can fulfil and our support is unwavering. We believe that this is all the more reason for us to show faith and confidence in the country’s great future and to continue investing in both our students and educational projects.

Join us in our unshakeable optimism for Ethiopia’s brighter future. Please help us, we can do nothing without your support – we really need you

We are NOT a funding trust. We do not fund any students resident in the UK, we do not provide any project funding or scholarships to unknown students nor do we fund any Gap year students – so please do not apply.

Donations in kind: … (full text).

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