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What this space is. Crimspace is a multidimensional online network for the criminology and criminal justice academic communities. The site is open to anyone studying or researching in criminology, criminal justice, juvenile justice, policing, forensics, interpersonal and domestic violence and the many other fields in criminology and criminal justice. Sponsored by SAGE, a leading publisher of books and journals in criminology and criminal justice, the site is created for students and researchers to network and share research, resources and debates. Crimspace users have free access to selected journal articles, book chapters, etc which highlight emerging topics in the field … (about this space 1/2).

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About this space 2/2: … What you can do here: Start by creating your own page with your profile, research interests, podcasts, videos and widgets.

The easiest place to start getting the most out of Crimspace is the reading + discussion page, where you can read, discuss and debate articles, lists, links and the other fun stuff we regularly post. Why not launch an interest group for your field, research group, society, division or department – and be sure to invite people to join. Start a blog; upload poster presentations, podcasts and videos; post and search job listings; create open and closed discussions; check out teaching resources and share course outlines and syllabi; add your own Top Ten list; and view, post, and RSVP to upcoming meetings

What this space is not:

Please note that this is a professional site, and we take all reports of abuse, spam, impersonation, inappropriate behavior, and other disruption very seriously. We reserve the right to remove any content that we consider offensive, inflammatory, or irrelevant to the purposes of our site, as well as ban those who post such content. Please don’t post material that is overly personal in nature, use the site to “publish” your research (informal discussion is welcome, but this is not a journal), or post material that does not fall within the editorial scope of the site. Such material will be removed. Whenever possible, we will alert you before we remove anything.

Crimspace is here for you so the best way to have the community you want is to get involved: so please read, comment, post, listen, share resources and follow debates. If you have any suggestions on how to make this site work better for you and your community, let us know.

For information on how to get started on Crimspace, please see our FAQ.

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