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Women Wake Up WOWAP is a voluntary, Non Governmental Organization and Non profit Organization, established in 1996 and registered under Seciety Ordinance of 1954 of United Republic of Tanzania on 17th September 1998 registration No. SO No. 9575 … (about 1/2).

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About 2/2: … Most of the women and children living in developing countries face grave social problems such as discrimination, poverty and gender-based violence.

To some extent, awareness and commitment internationally and nationally recognized this underprivileged situation of women and their human rights within our societies.

Taking stock of these problems in women’s access to and participation in the definition of economic structure, policies and the productive processes, WOWAP is among those organizations that work to promote a positive social attitude towards women and children through cultural means and consciousness raising.

WOWAP is based in Dodoma Regions and has a branch in Singida Region. It works in urban and rural areas. WOWAP has outreached members in Dodoma Rural District and Kondoa District who have come together as a result of the trainings done in primary schools. Muslim and Christian religious leaders, teachers, Ward and Village Government officials have been mobilised to fight the elimination of female genital mutilation (FGM).

WOWAP therefore, is determined to be a catalyst of positive change of women participation in social and economic issues and promote a positive social attitude towards women and children through cultural means and consciousness raising.

Interim Report 2006, 5 pdf pages.

WOWAP Set-up / Headquarters:

  • The headquarters office in Dodoma plans, monitors and evaluates the WOWAP programme activities. It controls and is responsible for financial management. It is the public relations centre for WOWAP.


  • WOWAP has a decentralized structure for policy implementation. The headquarter office is in Dodoma Region in Tanzania, while branches are in other surrounding Regions of Singinda and Iringa. Until today WOWAP has a major branch in Singida Region, Tanzania where there has been high incidences of FGM cases.
  • As the name of the organization suggests, Women Wake Up (WOWAP) is a organization led by women.

Programme Justification:

  • WOWAP programme justification is drawn from specific national policies as spelt out herein. Other justification is in conformation with international pronouncement, for example the joint WHO/UNICEF/UNFPA statement quoted below: … (full text about).

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