The transitioner

Transitioning the World with Collective Intelligence
(same in french).

The Transitioner is an international network of researchers, social entrepreneurs, spiritual explorers, visionaries, writers, leaders, scientists, technical and software engineers who work on Collective Intelligence, Wisdom and Consciousness (CIWC). This is a wiki, i.e. a participative website built by its visitors. Everyone can register or login and participate. We now accept donations and sponsorship under precise conditions of eligibility. (Homepage and latest news).

Watch a video: Conference on Collective Intelligence, 29.54 min, by Jean-François Noubel, Global Human Resources Forum, Seoul, South Korea, Oct. 2007.

Next events:

  • Conference: Jumping in the Gift Economy, May 19, 2008, The Mercy Center, 2300 Adeline Drive, Burlingame, CA 94010, USA;
  • Séminaire in french: Intelligence, Conscience, Sagesse Collectives, (20 juin, 18h00 – 24 juin, 10h00.

Inscriptions: Anne-Marie Bataille, Tél (+33) 06 86 70 52 69, e-mail.

who is who;
What is a Transitioner?
events for pioneers;

About (in a Nutshell):

What? –

  • The gathers those who want to develop, learn, practice Collective Intelligence (CI), and Collective Intelligence, Wisdom and Consciousness (CIWC).
  • It involves personal development as well as the understanding and learning of new collective practice. A new descriptive and generative language is necessary too. One should also understand what invisible architectures are.
  • Many topics are covered in this site : CI, CIWC, invisible architectures, free currencies (also open source), social software, personal development, spirituality?…
  • Last but not least TheTransitioner is a non-profit (we should say for wealth!) organization which objective is to support R&D in Collective Intelligence.

Who? – Transitioners are cultural creatives, spiritual seekers, social entrepreneurs. Read more…

How? – Anyone can contribute:

  • By sharing and developing knowledge, experience, practice inside this present wiki
  • By following trainings
  • By participating to projects
  • By joining those who contribute to the development of TheTransitioner itself as a move, a vision and an organization. See support needed?.

Link: more videos on Collective Intelligence.

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